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  • BDU: Wisdom Building - the new administration building
  • BDU: Maritime Academy inaugurated
  • BDU: Maritime Academy inaugurated
  • BDU: Maritime Graduation, 2006 E.C.
  • BDU: The higher officials of Bahir Dar University
  • BDU:Bahir Dar University Referral Hospital,under construction; it will be completed by the end of next year


BDU SIMS photoBDU: Bahir Dar University has become the first Institution in the country to computerize students’ information and make students' academic status accessible on line being anywhere via the Internet.  Their information is now accessible online, courtesy of the Students Information Management System (SIMS).

Molla Alehegn and Assefa Misganaw,The two fire brand ICT lecturers, are the brains behind the project who helped in designing and developing the system.

The newly invented system aids Instructors, Academic advisors, Deans, Program Managers and university’s top managers to closely follow-up and monitor registration, academic status determination, grade entry, approval for graduation and other academic related student affairs online.

Molla and Assefa explained that BDU-SIMS would enable the University to enforce its legislations, to avoid unnecessary academic status determination meetings at faculty level, to maximize customer satisfaction, to give input to decision makers, to help university top managers to focus on strategic issues as well as enable the university to enhance its image and uplift its ranking at national and international levels.

The two pointed out that the introduction of the BDU-SIMS would make every application error free click event unlike when the situation was still under the manual system where the registration of students, grade entry, status determination and other academic related issues would have taken a week or even longer process. 

Another unique feature of the BDU-SIMS was that it would also enable employers to easily detect forgery cases and verify bonafide graduates of Bahir Dar University from other non-students.

Molla and Assefa trained instructors, student advisors, and customer relation experts belonging to different Colleges, Faculties, Institutes and Schools of the university since the introduction of BDU-SIMS.

During the grade entry training held at the Humanities Faculty,The Dean, Dr. Girma Wossenie and The Program Manager, Adem Chanie briefed their staff members about the recently introduced University’s Modularization approach by law.

For more information about students' online academic status please visit 


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