Call for paper

The Department of Social anthropology  hosted the First National conference from 09-10 June 2017 at Bahir Dar University.

The aim of this conference is to share anthropological knowledge, ideas and insights on the interconnected and interdependent issues of culture, environment and development. 

The conference is meant to create a stage where the stakeholders meet and take a common sense of responsibility and commitment to improve situations on the issues under discussion. 

The conference is also intended to create knowledge sharing among anthropologists , Sociologists, Social Workers and other related disciplines in the transformation of the social, political and economic development , and alleviating contemporary socio-economic problems of the country.
The conference was also aiming in creating awareness to the wider community in general and different stakeholders in particular since the discipline is not familiar in Amhara regional state 
The Department invites all interested parties to submit their scholarly works on the following thematic areas: 
       Refugees, Migration and Human Trafficking

              ● Tourism and Development               

                                    Q Contemporary Social Problems

              Q Early marriage and education
 Urbanization and its related social issues
 Indigenous Coping Strategies to Climate Change
 Development and the Issue of Cultural Indignity
  Roles of Community Based Organizations and Networks in Development( Volunteerism education, training, Governmental and non-governmental organizations
In order to reach the wider university community and other interested parties who want to attend the conference, the department, kindly requests your office to announce the date and rationales of the conference through the university face book page.  With this e-mail, I have attached the poster to be featured (displayed) on the face book page. In a related note, your office is also invited to attend the conference.
Mon, 07/03/2017
Bahir Dar University