የባሕር ዳር ዩኒቨርስቲ  የሶሻል ሳይንስ ፋኩሊቲ በ2011 ዓ.ም በክረምት መርሃ ግብር ለግል አመልካቾች በ2ኛ ዲግሪ የሚሠጡ የትምህርት መስኮች የምዝገባ ጊዜ ከሚያዚያ 30/2011 እስከ ግንቦት 30/2011 ዓ.ም መሆኑን እያሳወቀ የመመዝገቢ ቦታ ሶሻል ሳይንስ ፋኩሊቲ ሬጅስትራር/ ለዝርዝር መረጃ ይመልከቱ፡፡
1.  Social Anthropology
2.  Social Work
3.  Civics and Ethical Studies
4.  Peace and Conflict Studies
5.  Political Science
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Mohammed Seid, a Political Science graduate student has become one of the three winners of the annual Tana forum student Essay competition. Mohammed’s essay was selected among 50 plus essays submitted for the competition in this year’s edition of the forum. His essay, entitled “Market and Military competition of super powers as a danger of peace for the region of Horn of Africa”, discusses how super powers competition for resources, market... Read More

In May 2017, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted consultative workshop among the university community, concerned government and Non-government organizations up on the need and relevance of establishing Migration Research Institute (MRI) at BDU

As part of its commitment to expand post graduate programs, the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) has held Curriculum validation workshop on three MA Programs: Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Heritage and Museum Studies. Besides, the Faculty conducted launching workshop for African Studies Centre. Reviewers from Addis Ababa University (IPSS and DPSIR), and ANRS Culture, Tourism and Parks Development Bureau were in... Read More

BDU:A public lecture on Successes and Challenges of Peaceful Conflict Resolution Initiatives in Africa has been made by H.E. Pierre Buyoya, a Special Representative of the Chair Person of the African Union Commission, Head of the African-led International Support Mission in Mali, on the national conference organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

BDU: The University’s Faculty of Social Sciences celebrated this year’s World Environment Day with pomp and splendour.
In his address to participants, Faculty’s Postgraduate, Research and Community Services Coordinator Taye Demise pointed out that environmental issues were critical for human survival adding that events of such magnitude required to be held continuously to bring the much desired change.
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