Public lecture on conflict resolutions in Africa 25 April

BDU:A public lecture on Successes and Challenges of Peaceful Conflict Resolution Initiatives in Africa has been made by H.E. Pierre Buyoya, a Special Representative of the Chair Person of the African Union Commission, Head of the African-led International Support Mission in Mali, on the national conference organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

                                                                                                                  H.E Pierre BUYOYA
Mr. Pierre shared his rich experience on the issue of Peaceful Conflict Resolutions to the intellectuals of the university.
While opening the event, the President of Bahir Dar University, Dr. Baylie Damtie thanked Mr. Pierre Buyoya on his willingness to address the university’s community. Dr Baylie has emphasized on the necessity of bridging the link between African leaders and the intellectuals.
Mr. Pierre has outstandingly presented his experience-driven paper on the contemporary issue on Successes and Challenges of Peaceful Conflict Resolutions Initiatives in Africa drawing up on the cases of three African nations namely: The Sudan, Mali and the Central African Republic. Mr. Pierre has remarkably elucidated on the principles of conflict resolutions exercised by the African Union (AU).

    Dr. Baylie Damtie, President of Bahir dar University
Mr. Pierre has clarified on how the AU jointly works with different regional and international organizations as well as other individual countries. With regard to the challenges the AU is facing in connection to peaceful conflict resolutions, Mr. Perrier has underscored that lack of resources and no swift conflict resolution have been among the challenges presently observed.

                                                                                               Participants of the Public Lecture
Mr. Pierre, up on completing his presentation, has stressed on the necessity of building a dialogue among the Africa leaders and intellectuals, and letting young Africans know what is happening in the continent. He has also emphasized on the significance of designing curricula that address societal problems in Africa.
In his closing remarks, Dr. Baylie pledged that his institution will be committed to working with other African Universities in an endeavor to support Tana High Level  Forum on Security in Africa (THLF), and intellectually contribute to the ongoing effort of the AU.
A lot of distinguished guests, including Professor Andreas Eshetie, a Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, under a ministerial portfolio, and the former President of the Addis Ababa University have been attended to the conference.