Different Language Teaching Units at the Faculty

1.English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC Program)
The program was established some six years ago. At present, with the help an American IFESH volunteer, Mary Lugton, the program offers different English Language proficiency development activities to both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Moreover, the program offers short training to the academic staff members of the university so that they can improve their academic English and the English they need for classroom use.
2.French Language Teaching Unit
Although the unit has already started offering basic French courses to some instructors, it is at its embryonic stage.  In a bid to strengthen the unit, the Faculty has already started good working relationship with the French Embassy in Addis Ababa.
3.Chinese Language Teaching Unit
The Confucius Institute in Addis and the Faculty of Humanities have made some preliminary agreement to launching a Chinese Language Teaching Unit in the not too distant future.