Kibrome Mengistu Feleke

FULL NAME: Kibrome Mengistu Feleke


OFFICE ADDRESS (Dept.  and BLDG/Office No.): Psychology; A-8

MOBILE NUMBER (Optional): 251 912 094908



FAX ADDRESS: (If any): None



Master of Administrative Sciences (MPhil) in Higher Education

University of Oslo (Norway), University of Tampere (Finland) and University of Aveiro (Portugal)


Diploma in Higher Education Leadership and Management

University of Tampere, Finland


Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Bachelor of Education (BEd) in Pedagogical Sciences, composite English

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia








January 2011-May 2016

Course Chair


Bahir Dar University

February 2011-July 2012

Department Head


Bahir Dar University

August 2013-December 2014

Department Head


Bahir Dar University

October 2012-December 2014

Chair, Postgraduate Program


Bahir Dar University

January 2013 - Now

Managing Editor, Bahir Dar Journal of Education

College of Education & Behavioral Sc

Bahir Dar University




  • European Joint Master’s Degree Fellowship/scholarship awarded by Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Scheme, the European Union, August 2008.
  • Educational Exposure and Learning Visit to Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Austria, awarded by the Austrian Development Cooperation under the TRANSACT Project, March 2013.
  • Certificate for Best Community Servant Academic Staff of the Faculty of Educational and Behavioral Sciences for the Year 2012, by Research and Community Services Vice President Office, Bahir Dar University, 2012.
  • Certificate for Outstanding Contribution in Leading and Organizing the Annual International May Conference at Bahir Dar University as Chairman of the Organizing Committee for 3 consecutive years (2012, 2013 and 2014).
  • Certificate for contribution on the Development of a Modular Instructional Approach, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, December 2011.
  • Certificate for Contribution to the publication of the monthly NILE Magazine, by Information and Strategic Communication Vice President Office, BDU, 2013.


UNIVERSITY COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: (departmental, Faculty, School, College, Institute)

            (Date -Indicate role)


Academic Council Member, Education and Behavioral Science College

2012, 2013-2014

Department Council (DC) Member, Department of Psychology

2013 – 2016

Conference Chairperson for the 30th Annual International May Conference Organizing Committee.

September 2011 – May 2012

Conference Chairperson for the 31st Annual International May Conference Organizing Committee

September 2012 – May 2013

Conference Chairperson for the 32nd Annual International May Conference Organizing Committee

September 2013 – May 2014

Organizing Committee member for the 34th Annual International May Conference Organizing Committee


Committee member of Undergraduate Programs Educational Improvement, Quality Enhancement and Assurance, Faculty (now College) of Education & Behavioral Sciences

August 2012 – December 2015

Member of the research team who studied The Implementation Process, practices and Challenges of Modularization at Bahir Dar University

May 2015

Member of the research team who studied The Practices and Challenges of Peer Learning Strategy in Selected Public Universities.


Task Force member who assessed The Status and Performance of the Community Service Provision of Bahir Dar University


Ad-hoc member of the Faculty External Relation Committee

August 2012

Member of the Faculty Task Force who conducted needs assessment (to open new training programs) as well as academic program promotion in major regions of the country.

January 2015

Lead Facilitator and organizing committee member of the 1st Institutional Workshop on Disability Day, Bahir Dar University

December 2014

OTHER MAJOR COMMITEE ASSIGNMENTS: (national, regional, international)

Project Coordinator, for the 1st Institutional Tracer Study on Institute of Land Administration BSc training program, its graduates’ competences and employers satisfaction, Bahir Dar University.


Project focal person, for the Austrian development cooperation funded Regional Project on Strengthening Rural Transformation Competencies of Higher Education and Research Institutes in Amhara (TRANSACT)

March 2012 –September 2014

International Panel Discussant representing African on the high level Panel Discussion ‘Role of USA & Europe in the Future of Africa’s Development’, organized by US Embassy & Vienna University, Austria.

March 2013 E.C.

Event Manager for the workshop on ‘Management of Higher Education Institutions & Establishment of Online Learning platform’ organized by UNESCO-IICBA and Ministry of Education, Adama

November 2015

Project Management Team, Unit Coordinator as well as Technical Advisor, for UNESCO-China funded Project entitled: Strengthening Teacher Education for Bridging Education Quality Gap in Africa, focused on Teacher Development and ICT in Education, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, Bahir Dar University

February 2013 – May 2016

Project Coordinator, for the Regional project on Mental Health Services for Prisoners funded by Amhara Regional State Commission for Correctional Center.




TRAINING OF GRADUATE STUDENTS (list present and past) chronological


  • Short-term training on ‘Higher Education Governance and Management’ to Addis Ababa University Curriculum PhD students, April 2016


TEACHING RESPONSIBILITIES (present and past) chronological


Educational Organization and Management, Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Pedagogical Science


Abnormal Psychology (Psychopathology), Counseling Theories and Techniques, Career Counseling, Forensic Psychology, Seminar on Contemporary Psychology Issues, Project Design and Management.



Abnormal Psychology (Psychopathology), Counseling Theories and Techniques, Career Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, Qualitative Research methods, Seminar on Contemporary Psychology Issues, Project Design and Management.

School Psychology


Intro to Guidance and Counseling



Vocational Guidance and Development



Disaster and Trauma Counseling,


2008, 2011

General Psychology to Medicine



Psychology for Managers


2008, 2012

Psychology for Lawyers



N.B: All the above courses are provided to Undergraduate program students.


  • Member of the Ethiopian Psychologists Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Member of the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Member of the Higher Education Development Association (Hedda) Alumni, University of Oslo, Norway.
  • Member of Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



            Date, Membership, Office Held, or Important Committee Assignment

Public Relations Officer, for the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association, Bahir Dar University Branch

October 2013 up to May 2016


a) Publications on refereed (peer-reviewed) journals:


Kibrom M. (2016). Revenue Diversification and Reform in Ethiopian. International Higher Education, No. 87, pp. 25-27, Boston College, Fall 2016.

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b) Book Chapter:


Feleke, Kibrom Mengistu (2015). Ensuring sustainable agricultural development, enhancing transdisciplinary skills and developing interdisciplinary competences. In Obrecht, Andreas J. (Eds.), APPEAR: Participative knowledge production through transnational and transcultural academic cooperation (pp. 252-256). Böhlau Akademiker Verlag, Germany.

c) Publications on Conference Proceedings:

Kibrom Mengistu (2012). Students Quality of Learning and the Learning Environment in Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions. Proceedings of the 11th National Multidisciplinary Research Conference, Unity University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Kibrom Mengistu (2011). The Roles and Challenges of Private Higher Education Institutions in Creating Access and Human Capital Development. Proceedings of the 9th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions in Ethiopia, pp. 222-249, St. Mary’s University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2011.


d) Publications on e-Book publishers:


Kibrom Mengistu (2009). Psychosocial Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children: the Case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dudweiler Landstr, Saarbucken, Berlin, Germany.


e) Other (Unpublished) Researches:


Kibrom Mengistu and Asrat Dereb (2015). The Adequacy and Utilization of Educational Resources in ANRS Secondary Schools: Exploring the Implication to Students’ Learning Outcomes and Improved Educational Quality. Unpublished Research.

Kibrom, M., Tilahun, G., Reda, D. Tesfa, M. and Fisseha, H. (2014). The Struggle for Precedence between Modular Instructional Approach and Continuous Assessment in Four Public Universities in Ethiopia. Unpublished Research.

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Kibrom Mengistu, Tigab Beze and Matebe Tafere (2014). Peer Learning Strategy: its Implementation and Challenges in Three Public Universities. A Research presented on the 32nd Annual May Conference, Bahir Dar University, May 2014.

Kibrom Mengistu, Asrat Dereb and Haftu Hindeya (2013). Factors for Job Satisfaction, Staff Retention and Turnover Intentions among Institute of Land Administration Instructors, Bahir Dar University. A Study funded by SIDA at Bahir Dar University.

Kibrom Mengistu and Yalew Endawoke (2012). Work Environment, Level of Job Satisfaction and Job Motivation as Predictors of Academic Staff Performance and Productivity: Implication for Quality Education. A research funded by Bahir Dar University.

Kibrom Mengistu (2011). University Graduates Employment Preferences and Employability: A Labor Market Analysis. Unpublished Research.

Kibrom Mengistu (2010). The Organization and Administration of University Guidance and Counseling Services. A research funded by Bahir Dar University.

Kibrom Mengistu (2009). Reforms in Ethiopian Higher Education: Unveiling the Underlying Globalization Issues. University of Aveiro, Portugal. Unpublished Article.




Based on areas of specialty: the main research interest areas include:

  • Psycho-social and emotional support to children, adolescents and adults
  • Guidance and counseling and student support services
  • Mental Health Intervention Programs and Services
  • Counseling, Health, Social, Forensic and Prison Psychology
  • Governance, Leadership and Financial management in Higher Education
  • Educational changes, reforms and policy as well as quality issues
  • Enhancing individuals’ (youth) academic, psycho-social and career development
  • Cross cutting Issues




  • Good command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
  • Proficiency in the use of various IT systems, database searching and the Internet
  • Program and project development
  • Management of large scale projects
  • Training manuals, modules and manual development
  • Excellent training, consultation and analytical skills
  • Excellent experience in organizing and coordinating various events
  • Capacity to work in multicultural environment
  • Sound knowledge of the education stakeholders networks
  • More than 8 years of professional experience