Vision, Mission and Goals of CEBS

Below is presented the vision, missions and goals of the College & the 5 Departments:

Vision of CEBS


CEBS strives to become center of excellence in education and behavioral sciences by enhancing equity, relevance and quality in education of all levels throughout the country.


Missions of CEBS


  • Providing high quality education in the fields of studies
  • Producing high quality trained professionals who are able to contribute for the quality of education in the country
  • Conducting basic and applied researches that are problem solving as well as knowledge generating in education
  • Providing appropriate community services


Goals of CEBS


  • To provide Ph.D. level quality education and training in Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies
  • To provide master level quality education and training in Educational Psychology, Educational Planning & Management & Curriculum Studies
  • To produce well-trained or qualified professionals in Educational Psychology, Special Needs Education, Curriculum Studies and Adult Education and Community Development for primary and secondary schools and School Principals in Educational Planning and Management
  • To provide ‘add-on’ training that qualifies to be professional secondary school teachers for those students with first degree.
  • To conduct educational and psychological researches
  • To provide community services