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    The 5th Annual Science Conference

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    METEC has started to renovate and rearrange existing science laboratories, classrooms and computer labs in modern ways after an agreement was signed between BDU and METEC. The work is expected to be completed at the end of September 2009 E.C. 30% down payment is already released to METECH.

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    Students of Science College held a general meeting with their respective departments about their stay in the college and strong and weak sides of the t-learning process in the last three years. Important points were forwarded by students for future improvements of the college.

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    Staff members of the college have submitted more than 40 research proposals and 15 community Service proposals to be considered for funding in 2009 E.C. The college proposal Reviewing and evaluating committee is evaluating the proposals and will notify the selected proposals soon.

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    Graduating students from all departments of the college of science took the first comprehensive exam. As part of the college’s quality auditing and student’s evaluation a standard exam prepared with due care was given to all BSc. Graduating students of the college. 

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    Seven hundred and three students (500 Male and 203 female) graduated in 2008 E.C. from 8 departments of the College of Science, Bahir Dar University. Out of these, 673 graduates got their BSc degree and 30 got their MSc degree.