Dean's Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech By Dr. Delele Worku, Dean of College of Science, Bahir Dar University

The 4th Annual Science Conference (ASC-2016)

On "Science and Environmental-Friendly Industrialization"


Dear Ato Awok Enyew, Head of Amhera Regional state Culture, turism and Parks development Bureau

Dear Dr. Solomon Belay, Director of Entoto Observatory and Research center

Dear Dr. Matebe Tafere, Vice President for academic affairs

Dear Dr. Eyayu Molla, Vice president for administration affairs

Dear Dr. Fekreselam Garede . Vice president for information and strategic communications affairs

Dear Ato yetbarik  Endalew, Head of Amhera Regional state universities  intellectual support and supervision

Dear distinguished Guests, Speakers, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning.

All welcome  and thank you, for joining us, at the 4th annual Science conference (ASC-2016) hosted by the college of science, Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar.

I would like to present my compliments to invited guests, all academic colleagues and administrative authorities participating in this opening ceremony, and express my great pleasure for your participation in this important moment or event that focuses on promoting  the development of Science and Technology.

Distinguished speakers, guests and all participants who have come from all over the nation and joined us to contribute your part in imparting new scientific ideas, experiences and knowledge at large, I am greatly honored and pleased to welcome you to Bahir Dar, on behalf of the organizing committee and the College of Science.

We have participants from different universities, government and non-government organizations gathered here today, and make our conference a truly national agenda. This gathering will also create an opportunity to establish new scientific and professional bridges  across the nation.

In the past, we have made three consecutive conferences successfully. I feel that, this conference is certainly a special occasion because the main themes of the conference go in line with the nation’s Growth and Transformation plan (GTP II). The issues raised will also add practical and theoretical gains on the contribution of Science for Environmental friendly Industrialization programs of the nation. For those who work for the development of Science and technology, industry, science education, science research and professional development, the conference will thus be an occasion to meet, to listen, to discuss, to share information and to plan for the future activities.

It is obvious that academicians can play an important role as independent advisors to policy and decision makers. The key objective of universities should therefore be on bringing academicians and professionals back on research track and enable them to  contribute to the development of the nation by setting an agenda based on scientific evidence and innovation to attain sustainable growth.

In general, a systematic endeavor and advance in scientific research and technology as well as innovation is the key issue that will lead to the expansion of industrialization, green and knowledge based economy.

In line of this context, Bahir Dar university has set an ambitious vision to promote scientific research and to become a leading research university in the near future.  Developing and encouraging a research culture among its vibrant staff is also the main strategic plan of the university. The university also encourages and supports its staff to connect their contemporary research output with the teaching-learning process and to the community at large.  Bahir Dar university hosts different conferences in different fields to encourage its staff to share their research experiences with other professionals.  I strongly believe that this an excellent approach of the university to accomplish its vision, and to contribute to the economic development of the nation as well.

Furthermore, science plays a key role  to enhance  and advance human life.  Universities and  the activities of academic staffs should always focus on conducting problem solving research and connecting research with teaching.  Therefore, giving appropriate priorities for research and research facilities, inspiring of staff members specially young staffs and students towards developing research skills and experience, creating an opportunity (such as conferences) for researchers and academicians to disseminate their research results to a wider scientific community as well as policy and decision makers is an issue of top priority and worth demanded from the Universities.

Based on this understanding, the college of science is organizing this annual science conference for the forth times. The conference focuses on a number of key issues, in particular it treats  basic and applied scientific research  that are vitally related to the development of environmental friendly industrialization. I hope that the discussion held in this conference will give a platform for the future research directions, further investigations, new contacts for closer co-operations, and  would inspire new research directions, so that we can, together, visualize the future of a promising development of Science and Environmental friendly industrialization in Ethiopia.

I wish you the most fruitful day with interesting and stimulating discussions and exchange of knowledge.

Having this idea in mind, I invite Dr. Matebe Tafere , Vice president for Academic Affairs, to officially open the conference. Welcome to Bahir Dar University once again.

Thank you very much.