About Geology Program

The department takes students for the first time in 2010/2011 academic year. The program enables to produce skilled manpower required to meet the regional as well as the national demand in the sectors of geological surveying, groundwater, engineering design and construction, geotechniques, energy, mining, and environment etc. The program is also envisaged to meet the requirement in the scientific personnel that can contribute to the understanding of the unique geological environment of the country and thereby helps the alleviation of natural hazards and sustainable use of resources. The program has a vision to work on the investigation, evaluation and estimation of groundwater resources; in engineering design and construction and environment; in railway site investigation and design and related areas.


The objective of the program is to produce Geologists with a broad understanding of geosciences that can carry out professional work in various ministries, institutions and companies engaged in activities related to the broad fields of geosciences and identify geological problems and to work towards their solution through independent or collaborative research.

Program of studies

Department of Geology offers only undergraduate program. Undergraduate Geology students should take at least 145-146 credit hours in 8 semesters. Students will take a number of Major geology, supportive and common courses .

 These include 103 credit hours of compulsory major geology core courses, 31 credit hours of supportive courses and 12 credit hours of common courses. These courses provide fundamental knowledge, skills and desired attitude. Most of these courses emphasize on the need for field works.