About Biology Department

A brief history

The history of department of biology is linked to the Science Teaching Program at the former Alemaya College of Agriculture. In 1983, it became part of the then Bahir Dar Teachers’ College and began to train teachers in diploma program. In 1997, the department was upgraded to offer Bachelor of Education (BEd). With the establishment of Bahir Dar University in 2000, the department became part of Faculty of Education. The department launched Master of Education (MEd) in 2006. When the academic units of the university were reorganization in 2008, College of Science was formed, and the department became part of the College.

As the department became part of Science College in 2008, degree awards in biology were changed from BEd to BSc and MEd to MSc. After a year, the MSc program was renovated into three streams: Applied Microbiology, Botanical Science, and Zoological Science. In 2012, the Biomedical Science stream was introduced. In 2015, the Genetics steam was added to the program. In the 2015/16 academic year, the department launched PhD programs in two streams: Plant Biology and Applied Microbiology. The department has 47 academic staffs (1 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 11 Assistant Professors, 22 Lecturers, 4 Graduate Assistants, and 6 Technical Assistants).

Objectives of biology Department

The overall objective of the undergraduate and postgraduate program in biology is to produce professionals at different qualification levels who can take up positions in various sectors such as teaching, agriculture, health, environment, and industry.

Visit the list of  Staff members of Biology Department here.