Training workshop on research methodology and grant proposal writing

Bahir Dar University, University of East London hold training workshop on research methodology and grant proposal writing

Officially opening the workshop, Mr Moges Abraha, Director of the office of External Relations and Partnership, Bahir Dar University thanked professors of UEL for coming all the way to BDU to share their expertise. Mr Moges said the workshop is important for three major reasons. Firstly, it will contribute to building the research capacity of the host university faculty. As a result, it is believed to help realizing the mission of Bahir Dar University- to be one of the ten Premiere research universities in Africa. The workshop is also important as it in a way creates bonds with the international scholarship. Last but not least, it is believed to equip the staff of BDU and other experts of partner organizations in Amhara region with the tools needed to win grants.

During an interactive meeting held with representatives of University of East London, the Vice President for information and strategic Communication Dr Zewdu Emiru promised to take the new initiative with University of East London to a new height of work relationship. He added the university will do everything possible in an effort to expand the scope of the cooperation between the two universities. The representatives of University of East London on their part showed commitment to collaborate in areas of staff and student exchanges, joint supervision and in launching new masters programs in areas of Social Sciences and Humanities.