three days workshop on Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

BDU holds three days workshop on Mitigating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in the water cycle: Analytical methodologies and improving water quality
The workshop focused on describing and discussing primary sources of AMR in the water cycle, and the integrated actions needed to mitigating AMR. The workshop aimed to provide a preliminary perspective on the scope of AMR, and to raise awareness about all the factors related to AMR. It also intended to demonstrate different methods of study and to track and mitigate AMR to and from the environment.

A total of 31 participants from three countries and 12 institutions in Ethiopia and abroad took part in the workshop. Professors from three oversea institutions namely New Castle University, UK, Volcani Center for Agricultural Research Organization, Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel participated as presenters and demonstrators.On day two of the workshop Lectures on perspectives about AMR research in UK and Israel were presented by Prof. David Graham, Dr Eddie Cytryn and Prof. Edouard Jurkevitch, and practical demonstrations were displayed for the benefit of the participants.

As part of the workshop, participants visited College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Zenzelima Campus of Bahir Dar University. There, Dr David Werner from New Caste University demonstrated water sampling protocols, labeling and issues related to water quality. Water Samples were taken from Abay River and the tap water from BDU and filtered so as to take it to New Castle University and Volcani Center for Agricultural Research Organization for further examination on the amount of anions in the waters and more.

In the workshop a series of lectures, field visits, sampling and practical demonstrations were carried out.