MoU signed

BDU signs Memorandum of Understanding with icepe, International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology.
The occasion is held at the president's office with the presence of icipe delegates and University's officials. The signatories were the president of Bahir Dar University, Dr Firew Tegegne and Director General of icipe, Dr Segenet Kelemu.

In the ceremony, the distinguished scientist Dr Segenet Kelemu, Director of icipe, shared her experience about the importance of focusing on one thing and stand out in it to be a successful professional or an organization leader. She also underscored that it is always right to work hard on what one has and strive towards something great. Explaining her the remark, she said one cannot or shall not stay without a car while having a car is very important, but, for example, begin with a Volkswagen, and then steadily works hard to have a dream Mercedes car.