Postgraduate Programs(MSc)


Currently (as of 2012) the College of Business and Economics (CoBE) run four postgraduate Masters Programs. These include Masters in Accounting and Finance, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Economic Policy and Master of Arts in Marketing Management, with the first two programs delivered in regular, extension and summer modalities whereas the latter two only in regular and extension modes respectively. However, the MSC in Economics program will start delivering training in extension and summer modes in the nearest future. The regular program takes two years to complete the study. The extension program requires three years. The summer program students are required to finish the course work in three summers and four distances in the winter. In the winter and summer semester of the third year, they have to finish the proposal of thesis/ research project, data collection and the write-up of the thesis and they have to defend and finish by the third summer semester. Here below is a short profile of each masters program of the college.

  1. Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting and Finance
  2. Masters of Business Administration(MBA)
  3. Master of Arts in Marketing Management
  4. Master of Science in Economic Analysis( MSc in Economics)

Note: Entrance exams stated in four programs is general information and the actual type of entrance exam to be administered in each year may change somehow and the College will communicate potential students on the type of exam to be administered with inside notice.

Quality Assurance Mechanisms

We ensure that students are taught by a teacher who fulfills the university criteria for teaching in postgraduate programs. This means teachers that are assistant professor and above will be assigned to teach the course. In rare and peak load seasons those teachers who are PhD candidates or Master holders with a publication will be assigned to teach some courses. To ensure the quality of student thesis, again we assign high profile staff to advise student thesis. Besides, we check the plagiarism level of student thesis using software so that students do an original work to the extent possible. The defense or presentation program for students’ thesis is of high quality as we get student thesis examined by an external examiner and internal examiner with the advisor having no role. To increase the quality of evaluation, external examiners have more say than the internal examiner in the evaluation results. We search good quality people from all universities in the country to serve as external examiners of the students’ thesis and up to know we are getting what we expect from these examiners. They are serious and a student who doesn’t qualify for graduation will be delayed until he (she) correct the thesis in a substantial way. Those whose thesis has passed but with minor editorial or content change are also