Patient Rights & Responsibilities

A. Patient Rights:

1.      Get medical care with no discrimination

2.      Participate in decision making.

3.      Healthy and safe environment.

4.      Be treated by a named health care provider.

5.      Be involved in teaching and research voluntarily.

6.      Safety and security.

7.      Receive visitors when hospitalized.

8.      Informed consent.

9.      Refuse treatment.

10.  Be referred for second opinion.

11.  Continuity of care.

12.  Confidentiality and privacy.

13.  Medical information.

14.  Redress complaints.

B. Patient Responsibilities:

1.      Provision of information.

2.      Compliance with instructions.

3.      Take responsibility for refusal.

4.      Respect and consideration for the other patients and health workers.

5.      Respect the rules and regulations of the University Hospital.

6.      Leave a will.

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