BDU has expanded its need-and hospital-based Community Service in Amhara Region

Bahir Dar University College of Medicine and Health Sciences/Tibebe Ghion Specialized Hospital (BDU-CMHS/TGSH) believes that its community service must solve the real problem society is facing. As the college belong to and is located in developing country and a region with significant health and socioeconomic challenges, the university and college management are committed to take specialized medical service to primary and general hospitals in different part of Amhara region rather the sick and needy people traveling hundreds of kilometers to reach the University Teaching and Referral Hospital for specialized care. People are saving money, time and above all they are getting easy access for specialized care and finally lead productive life.
The college started this blessed service in 5 hospitals in February 2017 by assigning general surgeons and obstetricians for one year community service. The specialist doctors did not just offer medical and surgical treatment but they played a pivotal role in facility development as most hospitals were not in a position to provide major surgeries. This initiative made affiliated hospitals and community members happier than ever. They felt Bahir Dar University is there for them to save lives and increase productivity. As the need is huge and ever increasing, the college leadership decided to cover more hospitals in the region so that access and equity are also addressed.
Currently the college has deployed a total of 21 specialist doctors (general surgeons, gynecologists, internists, and pediatricians) in 15 hospitals (2 general & 13 primary) located in 8 administrative zones (West Gojjam, East Gojjam, Awi, South Gondar, North Gondar, South Wollo, North Wollo and North Showa) of Amhara region. This is the highest number ever deployed in the history of BDU and Ethiopian Universities/University Hospitals. BDU-CMHS/TGSH is proud it is able to address societal problems in the best possible way. The college will surely expand this exemplary and sacred deeds in parallel with its human resource development. The college does hope that other universities in the region and the country at large will follow its suit. In just 4 months alone (Feb-May 2019/የካቲት-ግንቦት 2011 ዓ.ም ), our assigned surgeons and gynecologists performed 3,197 major and minor surgeries. A lot of blessings to our specialist doctors serving communities. This is community service at its best!!

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