Thematic Areas

Research thematic areas for 2012/2013-2017 (2005-2009EC)

 1.      Maternal and child and health - including:

  • Antennal care
  • Delivery care
  • Postnatal care
  • Abortion and post abortion care
  • Family planning
  • Maternal and child nutrition
  • Child abuse
  • Adolescent health

2.      Epidemiologically significant diseases

  • Communicable: including TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria, schistomiasis, typhoid, and neglected tropical diseases such as trachoma, leishemaniasis, geohelminths and elephantiasis.·    
  • Non-communicable diseases: including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, mental illnesses, oral diseases, cancer, substance abuse, and injuries

3.      Accessibility, equitability and quality of health care-includes:

  • Cultural, social and spiritual factors associated with accessibility of health care
  • Factors Affecting health care utilization quality, and equity
  • Mechanisms of developing community ownership to health care
  • Safety, integration, and development of traditional medical practice
  • Client satisfaction and efficiency of health systems
  • Health care financing and challenges in Ethiopia
  • Primary health and implantation modalities

 4.      Impact of environment and globalization on health –includes:

  •  Climate change and health
  • Industrialization and health
  • Urbanization and health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Occupational health