Doctor of Medicine(MD)

Program Description: Bringing up future medical doctors with effective leadership, teaching community service skills. Equip medical doctors with a strong foundation in biomedical, clinical, behavioral, social, epidemiological and cognate sciences. Produce professionals that nurture the attitude, values and ethics of medical professionalism and the commitment to service.

The main study directions: To produce competent, motivated and committed medical doctors for the 21st century, who can provide highest standard of health care to the Ethiopian population.

Admission requirements: As per the criteria set for joining higher learning institutions and be physically and mentally fit to the program

Language of instruction: English

Duration of the study: 6 Years

Degree to be awarded at completion: Up on successful completion of the program the degree of “DOCTOR OF MEDICINE (MD)” will be awarded. In Amharic, it will be read as የህክምና ዶክትሬት ዲግሪ”.