Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Program Description: Providing educational program through which graduates will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary, secondary and tertiary care as professional Nurses. It is expected that graduates are capable of teaching and supervising appropriate Nursing and health care in different settings and participate in the administration of Nursing Service and education.

Admission requirements: Candidates must be natural science students in their secondary school, preparatory classes and fulfill the following criteria: - Meet the set criteria by MOE for His; - Physically and mentally healthy and produce valid recent medical certificate, preferably those who choose the profession

Language of instruction: English

Duration of the study: 4 years

Degree to be awarded at completion:Upon successful completion of this program, the graduates will be given "DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING" in English and “የባችለር ሳይንስዲግሪ በነርስነት” in Amharic