Veterinary Service for the Community

  • Veterinary Service for farming community started at the Campus of College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences since the beginning of December 2015.
    Domestic animals (Dairy cattle, Beef Cattle, Sheep and Goat, Equine and Chicken) in the surrounding villages are getting the following services;
    Clinical  and Laboratory Diagnosis
    Treatment of cases
    External parasite control and treatment
    Castration  of male animals
    Consultation/advices on the issues of modern Animal Health and Management
    Farmers interest on veterinary and artificial insemination
    Instructors and technicians motivation to deliver community service
    ( One Animal Health Assistant, Three  Indigenous and 3 expatriate Veterinary Professionals are engaged on the vet. Community service delivery 1 day per week for each of them)
    Interest of the Research and Community Service coordinator of the college
    Starting budget allocated by the college
    Future plans;
    Launching Artificial Insemination Service
    Starting Seasonal Vaccination against Economically Important Farm Animal Diseases
Mon, 01/12/2015
Bahir Dar University