Research Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas New

The college is currently building a new campus with well equipped ICT infrastructure and laboratories to help students and instructors not only to reproduce knowledge but also generate new ones and publish the same for scientific and development uses. Accordingly, all programs of the College have identified priority research themes relevant to the context and challenges of societies related to agricultural productivity, local development and environmental concerns. The college also strives to strengthen Research-Farmers-Extension linkage in order to extend its research outputs and technologies to the benefits of rural communities.

I.Thematic areas for research

  • Food security and livelihood
  • Natural resource management
  • Fisheries management and aquaculture
  • Disaster risk reduction

II.Thematic Area Community Service

Rural development

  • Watershed Development related works in collaboration with GIZ.
  • Students’ Consumer Cooperative Stores at CAES campus, Zenzilma
  • Survey of Physically challenged persons and link them up with relevant departments of the government and NGOs working for the well-being of such persons.
  • Tree Planting Programme as a conservation measure

Natural resource management

  • Land Resource Conservation
  • Livelihood improvement
  • GIS Training for Gonder Zone, ARDO

Animal production & Technology

  • Training on dairy, beef, poultry, beekeeping, equine
  • Provision of Hay box brooder
  • Provision of Modern and Kenya top bar
  • Provision of AI Service and Animal Health Service

Water resource & irrigation mamangement

  • Training, workshops and symposium on improved Technology in irrigation and water resource management. (capacity building)
  • Demonstration in new and improved Technology in water resource management.
  • Operation and maintenance activities with stallholder involvement.
  • Information dissemination trough pamphlet, tracks, posters and announcement in water resource management.
  • Consultancy service

Plant Sceince

  • Training in the production, postharvest handling, processing and marketing of crops;
  • Consultation in the area of production, postharvest handling, processing and marketing of crops and

Production and distribution of planting materials including seeds of improved varieties of crop plants to the farming communities (if establishment of the college nursery site is possible

Disaster risk management & sustainable development

Urban based

  • Vulnerability to flood in cities
  • Community based urban risk assessments
  • Volunteer environmental sanitation services
  • Training and awareness creation

Rural based

  • Disaster risk management capacity development for Zonal and woreda staffs

Fisheries, wet land and wild life management

  • Fisheries post-harvest technology
  • Aquaculture and environment
  • Wetlands and Aquatic Ecology
  • Water quality
  • Wildlife and Eco-tourism