Animal Production

MSc in Animal Production

Programme Objectives

The main objective of the program is to produce qualified and competent professionals well versed in livestock management skills so that they can ply crucial roles in developing livestock development options and research projects and strategies aimed at solving problems associated with animal products and productivity thereby to improve the living standard of the rural population.

Graduate Profile

Equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, the graduates of this program will be able to work as livestock producers, experts, researchers and consultants for various regional and national governmental and nongovernmental institutions and private industries involved in the livestock industry. They are also expected to work in Colleges, Universities and/or agriculture curriculum development centers.

Admission requirements

Applicants must have completed the academic requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, Bology or other related sciences from accredited higher learning institutions.

The candidate must pass qualifying (entrance) examination of the University. The candidate must be supported by at least three letters of recommendation preferably from the candidate under graduate instructors, employers and professional associations.

Non-animal science majors admitted to the programme may be required to take some prerequisite courses from the undergraduate program. These courses will be worked out by the department Graduate committee and approved by the graduate faculty based on the BSc. Credentials of the student

Duration of the study

The MSc program is a two-year program for regular students and a Four-year program for summer students. Regular and summer students will have one year (2 semesters) and three years (3 summers), respectively, taught course and one year for a research project in a specific area of specialization.

Assessment and evaluation

Graduate student progress is assessed regularly and formally by the faculty through assigned department supervisors. The assessments focus on both completion of coursework and the development of professional skills in research, scientific writing and service through the following methods:

  • Coursework: Assignments, Tests, Quizzes, Mid-semester examination, Final semester examination, Seminars
  • Practical courses: Laboratory reports/field reports, Practical examination, Written examination,
  • Thesis, seminars and reports presentation: Quality of paper presented, Way of presentation, Defending material presented

Graduation Requirements

The Master of Science degree program in Animal Production has a course work requirement of at least 31 credits and six credits of research work on which a Thesis must be written and defended successfully. The students must score a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and successfully defend the Thesis.

Degree Nomenclature

The degree conferred on successful candidates will be called

  • In Amharic: ================================

List of Course

Course code                     Course Title                                                          Credit Hours _____________________________________________________________________

Anst 601                         Advanced Animal Nutrition                                               3

Anst 603                         Advanced forage Production & Range Management          3

Anst 611                         Advanced Animal Physiology                                            3

Anst 613                         Advanced Biochemistry                                                    3

Anst 615                         Farm Animal Diseases and Management (E)                     3

Anst 621                         Advanced Biometrics                                                       3

Anst 622                         Advanced Animal Breeding                                              3

Anst 632                         Advanced Processing of Animal Products                         2

Anst 634                         Advanced Apiculture (E)                                                 2

Anst 636                       Advanced Meat Production                                                2

Anst 638                         Advanced Dairy Production                                              3

Anst 640                         Current Topics in Animal Production                                  1

Anst 741                         Seminarr in Animal Production                                          1

Anst 763                         Thesis                                                                              6 _____________________________________________________________________

Total                                                                                                                   33 (38)     ______________________________________________________________________