Research Directorates

Water, Atmosphere and climate

Focus on researching on the physical and chemical processes affecting the atmosphere and climate, including global effects, and interactions with the surface and ground water of Blue Nile Basin. This group will as well focus on understanding the climate system and climate change in the region of Nile River, and the environmental and economical impact of changing and variable climate in the Blue Nile River.


Water, Aquaculture and Agriculture

Focus on researching on how to use water for aquaculture and agriculture. Specifically, the department focuses on fundamental questions relating to potential of aquacultures and strategies for sustainable aquaculture in the Blue Nile Basin. With regard to agriculture, the department works on enhancing crop quality and productivity, improving the rain-fed agriculture, developing effective soil and water conservation and improving the Land cover of degraded areas in the basin.


Water Resources and Environment

Focus on characterizing the rainfall-runoff-sediment relationships for the Ethiopian portion of the Blue Nile River and then use these relationships to minimize erosion losses and maximizing the retention of rain water on the land.  In addition, the department strives to research on adopting domestic water supply, soil and water conservation, irrigation and hydropower technologies and practices suitable for Ethiopian condition.