Book of Abstracts: 4th Nile Symposium

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About the Symposium

Bahir Dar University (BDU) at the source of Blue Nile River is one of the old generation universities in the country. The University envisioned to become one of the top ten premier research universities in Africa by 2025. In achieving its objectives, BDU has established ten research centers to conduct researches, consultancy and community services. Blue Nile Water Institute (BNWI) is one of the first research centers established in 2012 aiming at undertaking researches and consultancy in water and environment in the Blue Nile Basin. The institute has a vision to become one of the ten premier water and water related research center in Africa by 2025 recognized for its quality research, tailor made training, problem solving consultancy and producing model development projects in the upper Blue Nile basin. The mission of the Institute is to contribute substantially for sustainable management of water and water related resources in the Upper Blue Nile basin through conducting applied and basic researches, providing tailor made trainings, consultancy and advisory services, documenting and disseminating water and water related information and proven technologies.

As part of its mission, the Institute also conducts researches, organizes conferences, workshops and symposiums to create culture in scientific research. Hence, similar with previous years, BNWI planned to undertake the 4th International Nile symposium in Bahir Dar with Ethio-Sudan Cooperation day upfront from April 28-29/2017. However, this year the symposium has upgraded to international standard in order to include and create the platform for international professors, stakeholders and decision makers.

In previous years, the Institute has conducted three consecutive yearly national level Nile symposiums. The first Nile symposium was conducted in 2014 under the theme “Intellectual Imperatives on Ethiopia’s utilization of the Nile River for Development”. The second Nile symposium was carried out in 2015 under the theme of “Challenges and opportunities of Water Resource Uses in the Nile Basin”. The third was conducted in 2016 under the theme “Nile Water Resource for Development and Cooperation; From Past to the Future”. 

 The 4th International Nile symposium is designed to be undertaken under the theme of “Nile River Basin Development for Regional Integration”. The main objective of the symposium is bringing the divided hydro-mentalities of the Nile Basin together for addressing the shared challenges under a binding policy frame work. In this fourth conference, distinguished guests, keynote speakers, paper and poster presents are expected to come from the different corners of the world. The institute also expects that the general summary of the conference deliberation and the papers presented will be published on the conference proceedings (both print and online) and will be used as input by researchers, policymakers, other stakeholders and the community at large. The 4th International symposium is unique as it became international symposium to extend the scope of participants and work together with stake holders across the globe. The Institute would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank and appreciate the presenters, keynote speakers, session moderators, reporters, sponsors and organizers.