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Tue 06 Jun 2017
Blue Nile Water Institute of Bahir Dar University launched its 4th International Nile Symposium under the theme of “Nile River Basin Development for Regional Integration”, which was conducted on April, 28 and 29/2017. The main objective of the symposium was bringing the divided hydro-mentalities of the Nile Basin together for addressing the shared challenges under a binding policy framework. In the symposium; distinguished guests, keynote speakers, paper and poster presenters were participated. This symposium was unique as it became international symposium to extend the scope of participants. Professors and diplomats from Sudan were parts of the events. Dr Bayle Damtie President of Bahir Dar University made an opening speech by giving great recognition for the Sudanese participants. The Blue Nile Water Institute would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank and appreciate the presenters, keynote speakers, session moderators, rapporteurs, sponsors, participants and Read More
Sat 21 May 2016
Blue Nile Water Institute conducted a 2-days Symposium for the third time on "Nile Water Resources for Development and Cooperation: From Past to the Future". Scientific communities from different universities in the nation, 26 delegates from 5 universities in Sudan, invited guests from federal ministries, scholars of BDU, students and administration staffs have attended the Symposium. Six key note speeches were given and more than 20 scientific papers have been presented and discussed. General discussion was held by the end of the Symposium and that the participants appreciates much of the effort given for the success of the Symposium. Sudanese delegates raised the issue of conducting mutual research and developmental projects.  Delegates from University of Kassala also suggested the next Symposium to be conducted in their University.  Read More
Mon 03 Aug 2015
An Inception meeting on preparation of a research project proposal in title "Hydrogeology of Tana lake basin and Chokie mountain watersheds" was taken place at Blue Nile water Institute. Around fourteen staff member of Blue Nile water institute, Earth science department and Amhara design and supervision office have attended this meeting. The precipitants appreciated the initiative and provided valuable suggestion on the way forward. They also expressed their commitment on their involvement to this project.
Wed 08 Jul 2015
Blue Nile Water Institute (BNWI), a pioneer research institute of Bahir Dar University, conducted Ethiopian National Climate Change Assessments; Stakeholder Workshop on Monday 29 June , 2015. The workshop brought together main stakeholders in the subject nationwide; scientists, government officials and civil society members. His Excellency Dr. Teshome Walle, Head of the Amhara Bureau of Agriculture and Dr. Baylie Damtie, President of Bahir Dar University opened the workshop. His Excellency Dr. Teshome Walle, recalled Ethiopia's aspiration for a 64% CO2 emission reduction and appreciated that such stakeholder reports would contribute significantly to the policy making. Two climate change assessments were conducted by the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences (EAS) and the Ministry of Health (MoH)/World Health Organization (WHO). The key findings and recommendations related to climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation strategies were presented by the assess Read More
Fri 29 May 2015
Blue Nile Water Institute conducted the 2nd Nile symposium on "Challenges and Opportunities of Water Resource Uses in the Nile Basin". It was held for two days, from 28 to 29, April, 2015 with plenary session and technical paper presentations. Invited public figures from Ethiopia, Sudan and USA gave presentations on wider water and water related issues in the Upper Nile Basin. More than 18 technical papers were presented during the parallel sessions and discussions were held. Participants acknowledged the effort made by BNWI-BDU to bring the scientific community together and urged the establishment of forum of experts in the Easter Africa. The first symposium was conducted a year ago when by the time H.E President Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir gave an opening speech that makes the day a historic day in the history of Bahir Dar University as well as Annual Nile Symposium.   Read More
Mon 16 Mar 2015
A total of 12 BNWI researchers attended an intensive training conducted for 10 days from 19-28, February, 2015 in Dangilla. The training was given by Elias Sime, from BNWI, with financial support from V/President for Research and Community Services. It covered a wide range of GIS applications in water and water related fields. The aim of the training is to equip researchers with the basics and advanced application of GIS in water quality, hydrogeology and socioeconomics data collection, handling, retrieving and analysis.    The training was finalized by conducting an open discussion on the current and similar trainings that will be conducted in the future. The trainee expressed their opinion and admired the commitment the BNWI and the B/Dar University to fund and arrange such trainings. They appreciated the way it was organized and delivered. They also expressed their opinion about what they thought should be corrected in the future for such kind of training organ Read More
Mon 16 Mar 2015
A group from Blue Nile Water Institute (BNWI) , Bahir Dar University, Debre Markos University and Amhara design and supervision works enterprise (ADSWE) conducted an intensive three days meeting from 26-28/12/2014, Dangilla to discuss on the impact of climate change/variability in the Upper Blue Nile Basin. The team finally compiled a draft mega project proposal entitled “Climate change and variability in the upper Blue Nile basin: Impacts, mitigation and adaptation strategies”. Synopsys developed during the discussion is later introduced to partner institutions and funding agencies situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The meeting was organized by BNWI under financial support from Vice President Office for Research and Community Services.    Read More
Thu 22 May 2014
 The Blue Nile Water Institute of BDU held a work shop on Infranz Wetland General Management Plan Evaluation.The workshop was organized with the objective to bring about sustainable wetland management plan.  It was addressed that Infranz Wetland is, currently, the source of water supply for Bahir Dar town and the surrounding area and thus, giving due emphasizing to the issue has a paramount importance. It was discussed, during the workshop, that wet land is decreasing at alarming rate due to expansion in agricultural land, erosion, and little attention given to wetland management. Developing a general wetland management plan for the Infranz Wetland, increasing agricultural productivity, family planning and awareness raising activities among farmers were also forwarded as solutions to reverse the problem. The University’s Academic Affairs Vice President Dr. Frew Tegegne said that researches to be scaled up to be conducted on wetland areas by prioritizing the agricultural se Read More
Thu 22 May 2014
 The University’s Blue Nile Water Institute has held a National Workshop on Erosion and Sedimentation in Tana Basin (Upper Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia).The University’s Research and Community Service Vice President Dr Tesfaye Shiferaw has made a speech while opening the workshop.  The Vice President, in his speech, described the importance of Lake Tana in that since the lake is the largest source for fresh water in the country and to the Blue Nile, giving due consideration to the issue is vitally important. Similarly, the Institute Director Mr. Goraw Goshu noted that erosion and sedimentation are the biggest threats to the Lake that put the multiple uses of the Lake at risk.  The work shop brought together diverse stakeholders to raise awareness about erosion and its consequences, to share experiences to meet the challenges in the prevention of erosion and sedimentation and thus, to promote wise use of water. During the workshop a number of research areas including su Read More
Thu 22 May 2014
 The Blue Nile Water Institute at Bahir Dar University has recently held a five years strategic plan review national workshop.The Strategic Plan when implemented will see an increase in the number of world class research outputs and consultancy services as well as the installation of state of art laboratory technology at Bahir Dar.Explaining the objective, the Director Goraw Goshu noted that the institute was inaugurated to undertake research and training activities, to provide consultancy services in water and water related areas in the Upper Blue Nile region of the country. He claimed that the vision of the institute is to become a world class knowledge center in water and water related areas with the view of making Bahir Dar University one of the premier research universities in Africa in 2025.He also asserted that the need of introducing strategic plan was to properly manage research and training, consultancy services, knowledge production and dissemination activities of the i Read More