Hydrology and Watershed Management

Description of Hydrology and Watershed management Directorate

Contact Person: Mamaru Ayalew (PhD)

Head, Hydrology and Watershed Management Directorate

Title: PhD in Hydrology and Integrate Water Management

Specializations: Hydrology, Integrated Water Management

Other Staffs of the Directorate

1. Demesew Alemaw Mhiret

Title: MSc in Water Resources Engineering (Engineering Hydrology), Hydrologist, Researcher and Lecturer

Specializations: Engineering Hydrology

Home department: Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering

Contact information (phone and email)

P.O.Box 26, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

+251 918300305 and demisalmaw@gmail.com 

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2. Elias Sime …………Hydrology and Watershed management researcher

   Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

   Telephone (mobile) +251 920 775147

   Email: 2003sime@gmail.com


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3. Tadese Tefera (PhD) ………………….Climate change impact researcher

4. Gebiaw Teshome…………………….Hydrology and Land use change impact researcher

5. Yihenew G.Selassie (PhD)  
Associate Professor
Department of Natural Resources Management
College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Bahir Dar University
Tel: 251(0)918765823
P. O. Box 5501
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

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2.   Thematic Areas

1. Study of Understanding of Hydrological Processes

2. Study of Climate Change Impacts

3. Study of Land use change and Watershed Management impacts on Water Resources

4. Study of Extreme hydrological events study including drought and flooding


Mega Projects

Currently the directorate is working to organize the researches done in to mega projects level so that the studies could have a bigger impacts to Lake Basin development and nation at large. Hence, most researchers work is being organized in to the following mega projects.

  1.  Climate change Impact
  2. Soil erosion and Sedimentation of Lake Tana basin
  3. Water Balance study of Lake Tana Basin

 4.   Research activities and titles 

Research activities title


1.1.Estimation of Sediment inflow to Koga Reservoir ( using SWAT watershed and CCHEID sediment transport model)

1.2.River Bank Erosion and in-Channel Deposition in Gumara River in the Lacustrine Plain of Lake Tana


2.1.Evaluating CONCEPTS model in the Ethiopian Highlands, The case of Debere Mewi Watershed

2.2.Enhancing Predictive Capability of A Parameter Efficient Distributed Hydrology and Sediment Model by Driving Physical Parameters Using GIS and Remote Sensing

2.3.Reservoir Inflow Forecasting and Operational Planning in Tana Basin( Case Study of Lake Tana Beles Reservious

2.4.Flash Flood Forecasting and Assessment of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Their Efficacy for the Tana Basin, Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

2.5.Land Use Change Impacts at Upstream and Downstream of Koga River Watershed River, ETHIOPIA

2.6.Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation in Limestone Area for Domestic Use at Household Level

2.7.The Combined Effects of Land Cover Change and Climate Change on Catchment Hydrology of Gumara Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin

2.8.Estimating Basin-Scale Hydraulic Parameters by Recession Flow Analysis in the Case of Lake Tana Basin

2.9.Change Detection and Mapping of Susceptible Areas of Erosion in Gumara Catchment from Aerial Photographs Interpretation and Satellite Image Analysis, Tana Basin, Upper Blue Nile


3.1.Land use/cover dynamics, and climate-NDVI response spectrum analysis as a decision supporting tool for future drought monitoring, Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopia.

3.2.SENSITIVITY OF STREAM FLOW FOR LAND COVER CHANGES IN Microwatershed using watershed and GIS Application, In UBNB

3.3.On Evaluation of Alternative approach for stream flow forecasting using river flow forecasting and modeling system

3.4.Evaluating catchment responses to large scale soil and waterr conservation programs in the Tana sub basin, Ethiopia

3.5.Effects of Hard pan Breaking on Hydrological Process on Birr Watershed, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

3.6.Assessement of the Effect of Hydrological and Geothechincal Processes

3.7.Estimating rate of sediment transport taking place at the upper catchments of Lake Tana

3.8.Flood Hazard Mapping of Bahirdar town

3.9.Watershed modeling in Lake Tana basin, upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

3.10.Model watershed development and Implimnetation in Lake Tana Basin