Hydrogeology Directorate

Hydrogeology directorate goals


The hydrogeology directorate mainly study hydrogeology and groundwater occurrence, of the Upper Blue Nile Basin by means of field investigations, remote sensing and mathematical modeling.


Less understanding on the groundwater occurrence, hydraulic aquifer parameters, site characterization, assessment of aquifer and design water resources management schemes of the upper Blue Nile, especially the Lake Tana basin prohibits the progress of water use for water supply and agricultural activities. Besides groundwater – surface water interaction and lake-water interaction are parts of the study that will be done. Therefore, this research unit will study the hydrologeology and groundwater hydrology of the basin from larger to smaller scales with state of the art field investigation, remote sensing, and isotopes, geophysical to geochemical methods.


Currently, the research groups are working to identify sources of water for the major springs (Areke, Lomi and other major springs) in the Tana basin


Research Topics are the following but not limited


  • Characterize the hydrogeological frame work of Lake Tana basin
  • Surface water-Groundwater Interaction
  • Lake-groundwater interaction
  • Aquifer characterization and mapping
  • Groundwater budget of the basins
  • Groundwater chemistry of the Lake Tana basin
  • Catchment-Scale Integrated Modeling of Hydrosystems
  • Hydrogeological Field Investigation Techniques
  • Optimization of Groundwater Management Options
  • Landslide mapping characterization

Hydrogeology research directorate consists of three research groups:

  1.       Hydrogeology work groups
  2.       Hydrogeochemistry  work groups
  3.       Geophysics and remote sensing work groups

Contact person

 Ashebir Sewale (MSc in Hydrogeology)

Head, Hydrogeology Directorate

Other Staffs of the Diretorate

1.      Biazenlegn Solomon (MSc in Atmospheric Physics and Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management)

         Blue Nile Water Institute, Wisdom Tower

         P.O.Box 3019

         Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

         Email: x@yahoo.com, where x is biazenlegn

         Tel: +251 935 848 682

Please find Personal CV here

2.Fenta Nigate

Fenta Nigate (MSc.); Geohydrologist

Email: fentanig_2003@yahoo.com

3. Alemu Yenehun