Central Laboratories Directorate

Description of the BNWI- central laboratory management unit
The Blue Nile Water Institute-central laboratory (BNWI-CL) management unit is among the five directorates of the institute managed by a laboratory head. It has vision to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence for analysis of water and related samples”.
The laboratory will develop expertize on physicochemical, microbiological and other related researches of water that align with the mission of the institute.Thus the BNWI-CL will commit to attain all the requirements of national and international standards and regulations related to quality water analysis. Principally, it will work based on the requirements of ISO 17025 in order to acquire accreditation on some of its testing service in water analysis, which assists to exceed costumer’s satisfaction with continual improvement of its management system. The potential customers of the laboratory are primarily researchers of the BNWI and the University staffs; other governmental and nongovernmental organizations working on water and related researches are expected.
Since the institute has no its own building, the lab will stay in temporary rooms that allow for only preliminary water analysis. Now it is planned to establish a state-of-art laboratory for the water and related researches with its full furnished researcher’s office. It is almost under construction in all aspects, such as laboratory site selection is almost accomplished and design of building construction is going to be contracted soon; recruitment of lab personnel is on progress; analysis equipment and consumables purchase is on request.
Research Units (with some description)
The principal purpose of the BNWI-CL is to assist other directorate researchers by providing laboratory service. Besides that laboratory researches are conducted on the following research units.
·   Quality Laboratory management: under which traditional and modern management systems will be studied, revised and introduced to our laboratory system and the output will be disseminated to other laboratories in the country.
·    Water analysis method development: in which simple or user-friendly, time and labour saving, cost effective novel and modified method of water analysis will be developed.
Staff profile
Minaleshewa Atilabachew (PhD) 
Position: Directorate Head of BNWI-CL management Unit.
        ·         Specializations: analytical chemistry 
        ·         Home department: College of Sciences, Department of chemistry
        ·         Contact information (phone and email):
Minaleshewa Atlabachew ( PhD)
Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Head, Central laboratories managment Directorate 
Blue Nile Water Institute, Bahir Dar University  
Also Academic Staff at Chemistry Department, College of Sciences
Wisdom Tower, G5-02
P.O.Box 79, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Mobile: +251 (918)009306
Email: minaleshewaa@bdu.edu.et/ atminale2004@yahoo.com
website: www.bdu.edu.et/bnwi
Other Staffs of the Directorate
1. Zebasil Tasew
Specialization: Analytical Chemistry
Contact Address:  Blue Nile Water Institute
                           Department of Industrial Chemistry
                           Bahir Dar University,
                           Post box 420
                           Bahir Dar/ETHIOPIA
                           Mob: +251-918399320
                           Email: zebasilt@gmail.com
   ·         CV (to be uploaded as attachment): 
Research activities
        ·         Ongoing researches
1.      Assessment of Pesticide Usage, Application and Quantitative Determination of Predominant Pesticide Residues in Water and Crops of Tana Sub-Basins, Ethiopia.
2.      Survey of Laboratory Safety and Waste Disposal in Bahir Dar and Nearby Towns.
  ·         Completed researches:No
  ·         Researches under review:No