BNWI researchers take training on advanced applications of GIS in water resources management

A total of 12 BNWI researchers attended an intensive training conducted for 10 days from 19-28, February, 2015 in Dangilla. The training was given by Elias Sime, from BNWI, with financial support from V/President for Research and Community Services. It covered a wide range of GIS applications in water and water related fields. The aim of the training is to equip researchers with the basics and advanced application of GIS in water quality, hydrogeology and socioeconomics data collection, handling, retrieving and analysis. 
The training was finalized by conducting an open discussion on the current and similar trainings that will be conducted in the future. The trainee expressed their opinion and admired the commitment the BNWI and the B/Dar University to fund and arrange such trainings. They appreciated the way it was organized and delivered. They also expressed their opinion about what they thought should be corrected in the future for such kind of training organizations and delivering. They also expressed that they got beyond their expectation in terms of the importance of GIS application in water resources management and its use. The training report is provided as attachment to this news.