Blue Nile Water Institute holds a National Workshop on Erosion and Sedimentationt

 The University’s Blue Nile Water Institute has held a National Workshop on Erosion and Sedimentation in Tana Basin (Upper Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia).The University’s Research and Community Service Vice President Dr Tesfaye Shiferaw has made a speech while opening the workshop.
 The Vice President, in his speech, described the importance of Lake Tana in that since the lake is the largest source for fresh water in the country and to the Blue Nile, giving due consideration to the issue is vitally important. Similarly, the Institute Director Mr. Goraw Goshu noted that erosion and sedimentation are the biggest threats to the Lake that put the multiple uses of the Lake at risk.
 The work shop brought together diverse stakeholders to raise awareness about erosion and its consequences, to share experiences to meet the challenges in the prevention of erosion and sedimentation and thus, to promote wise use of water. During the workshop a number of research areas including such topics as ‘’Indicating hotspot areas for prioritizing management interventions and sustainable utilization of water resources” were identified. The involvement of different stakeholders was also underscored to create synergy to face the challenges.
 Universities, ministers, non governmental organizations, and research institutes at various levels were represented in the workshop, and pertinent research works were presented and discussed.
 In his key note speech, Assistant Professor Yacob Arsano from Addis Ababa University emphasized that the ongoing efforts should continue in a coordinated manner to curb the challenges of erosion and sedimentation. In similar line of thought, Professor Brook Lemma in his research presentation and discussion of Lake Haramaya and the Rift Valley accentuated that erosion and sedimentation would adversely affect vulnerable lakes in the country including Lake Tana.
 The Bahir Dar University President Dr. Baylie Damitie made a closing remark by stressing the importance of such workshops as bases to evidence based interventions to reverse the problems of erosion and sedimentation which are the challenges to our development endeavours. The President, moreover, called on concerned bodies for concerted efforts to take timely and right measures.