Contact Us

Asegidew Gashaw (PhD)

Director, Blue Nile Water Institute

Bahir Dar University 

Wisdom Tower

1st Floor, Room No.G1-01

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

P.O.Box:   1701

Tele:         +251 (058) 320 6069

Fax:          +251(058) 2202025


How to Get to Our Institute

1. Take any public (Bajaj or Taxi) or private transport and get to Papyrus area (sole destination of all public transports from any part of the city).

2. Take another public transport (unually Bajajs) to Peda which then bypasses a building shown below (follows the root in red).

3. Then get out of the Bajaj after it turned right infront of this building (follow the root in green). 

4. Take the entrance to the building and get to G+1 floor where we are located as you turn left at that floor (represented in red arrow).