The Institute holds the 4th International Nile Symposium

Blue Nile Water Institute of Bahir Dar University launched its 4th International Nile Symposium under the theme of “Nile River Basin Development for Regional Integration”, which was conducted on April, 28 and 29/2017. The main objective of the symposium was bringing the divided hydro-mentalities of the Nile Basin together for addressing the shared challenges under a binding policy framework. In the symposium; distinguished guests, keynote speakers, paper and poster presenters were participated. This symposium was unique as it became international symposium to extend the scope of participants. Professors and diplomats from Sudan were parts of the events. Dr Bayle Damtie President of Bahir Dar University made an opening speech by giving great recognition for the Sudanese participants. The Blue Nile Water Institute would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank and appreciate the presenters, keynote speakers, session moderators, rapporteurs, sponsors, participants and organizers.