Call for applications



Batch IV to be enrolled in September 2016


The 2-years joint MSc program is suited to well-qualified graduates with a background in biology, environmental sciences, natural resources management, animal sciences and related fields, with a special interest in aquatic resources and watershed management, aquatic ecology, limnology, wetland ecosystems and aquaculture.

Admission is granted to prospective students who meet the admission criteria of AAU and BDU education and examination regulations. Successful candidates will register in AAU and BDU for the full study duration.

Fellowshipsto support students during the 2 years MSc study period are awarded competitively on merit. 

The MSc Degree of the joint Program in Aquatic Ecosystem & Environmental Management (AEEM) bears logos and stamps of AAU and BDU.

Applications for admission and fellowships are available at any time at the following contact addresses:

•AAU; Department of Zoological Sciences; SeyoumMengistou (Prof,);
•BDU; Blue Nile Water Institute;  Dr.GetachewBeneberu; (0922597160)
Deadline application  5-15:August, 2016
Procedure for applicants for the Aquatic Ecosystems & Environmental Management (AEEM) joint MSc program


  1.       Download  the  application form for Graduate Program  from  BDU website at [or lick here to download the form]
  2.       (Optional) Make sure you ask your last university to send official transcript by mail to BDU Registrar Office. In case you have not settled  your cost sharing, attach temporary certificate of graduation. But, is you are selected for the fellowship, you must submit an official transcript; so make the necessary preparations for such eventuality.
  3.       Attach a copy of your original degree and university student copy.
  4.       Complete filling the form with necessary information.
  5.       Submit complete documents to BDU Registrar, Peda Campus starting from  5-15 August 2016
  6.       Prepare for a qualifying examination which will be given on the first week of Sept. 2016 (exact date will be posted later)
  7.       The top 20 applicants who score the highest marks will be eligible for an interview test which will be given the next day after the qualifying exam.
  8.       It is advised that you come to the interviews with supportive documents that indicate your work experience, additional trainings and certificates, and convincing arguments about why you want to join the AEEM program.
  9.       The top 5 recipients of the fellowships will be announced on the next day of the interview exam.
  10.   The top 5 successful applicants are required to clear from their respective institutions within 15 days and start the AEEM program immediately on Sept. 20th, 2016.


               AEEM COORDINATOR

For more information, please find the attachment HERE.
Monday, August 15, 2016